Build Your Micro-School

As a parent, you're frustrated by the lack of choices in the coming school year and want a save and inclusive learning environment for your children. 

As an education professional and parent, I know what this feels like! I've made it my mission to ensure all students have the quality learning environment that they need--all while feeling welcome and seen.

In Build Your Micro-School, you'll learn how to quickly create your own micro-school so that you can open the doors and welcome a group of students who are ready to learn and grow right alongside you.

In this 7-week cohort, you'll:

  • understand the key components of a school
  • learn how to build the mission and vision of your school
  • recruit energetic and committed teachers
  • engage community collaborators so it truly is a group effort
  • learn how to market your school so you can sign up those students
  • identify the unique value your school brings to the community and its children
  • have access to resources and templates that will save you time and frustration

And in the end, you'll be opening your doors to a successful school year!

Join us today! Your fee for the program is a $200 donation to another like-minded program and is fully tax exempt! Funds go directly to helping Bullock Garden Project open its doors. It's a win-win for our kids!

NOTE: Once you sign up, please email for access to the welcome message and schedule. Please allow about 12 hours for completion. Thank you!

About Bullock Garden Project

The Bullock Garden Project (BGP), an award-winning New Jersey non-profit that creates access for children to healthy, fresh-grown food is pivoting to meet bigger community needs. 

Beginning in September, the BGP is opening a nature-based micro-school, designed to meet the holistic needs of each student. This micro-school, Their Place Discovery Center, is human-centered. It  will serve Black and Brown children who are disadvantaged, especially those not receiving adequate special education services. These students also suffer from food insecurity, food access, and food apartheid. In this micro-school, every child will be allowed to be who they are and be appreciated as unique individuals. Leadership Preparatory Academy, a Seattle micro-school, is sharing resources and collaborating to support equity and the creation of this needed resource.

Their Place Discovery Center will honor the legacy of slain BLM protester Summer Taylor. School leaders envision raising funds to hire three full-time teachers and serve up to 30 students.

9 Modules


Welcome to the program! Start here by watching the welcome video and grabbing the additional resources.

Step 1: Your Mission

What is the vision and mission of our school? What does a graduate from our school look like? How do we deliver education?

Step 2: Recruit Teachers

Who will run our school? Who will teach our kids? How do we find these people?

Step 3: Community

Step 4: Promotion

Step 5: Unique Value

Step 6: Resources

Step 7: Open Your Doors

Modules for this product 9
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